More on the Luxembourg Retreat

One of the things that I enjoyed most about the weekend was being able to fellowship with the other missionaries. We were about 60 adults from the countries of France, Belguim, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. I got to hang out with many of the other single girls and had lots of conversations with many of the missionaries. I got to laugh really hard during our ice-breaker time, as most of us had to make fools of ourselves (always a fun game!). It was a real pleasure to connect with some people that I rarely get to see, as well as make some new friends. I got lots of invitations to come visit during the holidays as well, woo-hoo!

Here is a picture of the youth hostel (that can barely be seen, sorry) where we had our retreat. It was like NO hostel I’ve ever seen. For one thing, the facilities were nicer than the college I went to! For two, it was brand new. It was right on the edges of this lake, so the scenery was beautiful. The hostel had a full cafeteria (with good food even), a four story indoor climbing wall, a full gymnasium, and more. It was incredible!
Ariel Rainey