I am an Aunt (again)

Here are some pictures, folks, of my newest niece:
Ellie May Rainey, born on July 23, 2007, weighed 8 lbs and was 18 inches long. Under the hat is the longest, thickest black hair I've ever seen on an infant's head! She looked like a little Eskimo baby. So far, we think she resembles Corie's side of the family.

A big part of the celebration yesterday focused on Sydney's reaction to her new baby sister (pictured here with my mother):
We're all excited about this precious new addition to the Rainey family, and we're proud of Ben and Corie!

Don't forget to click the link to my brother's blog under "Church Planter Ben Rainey" to the left, and you can see video that he posted.
Ariel Rainey