The "Window"

Last Sunday I started my official itineration cycle, which involves me traveling to other churches and presenting my missions project to the congregation. If the church has already been supporting me financially, it serves as an update/report. If they don't support me, it gives me a chance to make my plea for future support.

My first church was Carney AG in Baltimore, which has been supporting me for the past three years. Since they are currently looking for a pastor, I wasn't sure what sort of opportunity I would have. But I was thrilled to have the chance to preach for about 30 minutes; I've built a decent rapport with the folks there over the years, so it was a fun chance to see them again.

This morning was my first "window" in a service at "Church at the Mall" in Annapolis, MD. The window is a concept that many pastors prefer, because they reserve Sunday mornings as their chance to preach. Instead they offer missionaries 3 minutes, 5 minutes, or 10 minutes to introduce their ministry and make their official plea. It's sort of an extended-length commercial. Most missionaries have a hard time fitting everything--their call, experience, job description, funny stories, tear-jerker stories, and a request for financial support--all in three to ten minutes. But its becoming the standard trend in churches, so we have to adapt.

I always enjoy "Church at the Mall" since it meets in a movie theater at the mall. Such a unique concept! Today, I was privileged to meet two different families, both first time visitors, one vacationing in the area and the other recent arrivals at the navy base. We had a little fellowship time over burgers in the mall food court, before I headed home for a Sunday afternoon family get-together.
Ariel Rainey