Busy Weekend

I'm in trouble again with my blog readers, who've complained that I haven't added a new post lately. Unfortunately my daily schedule isn't that fascinating, so believe me, I'm trying to spare you from unrelieved boredom.

This weekend was pretty exciting, however, beginning with a trip to Hershey Park with my former college roommate and best friend. Beth and her family have "adopted" me and invited me to share a day on their family vacation, and I loved going to Hershey with them. I rode roller coasters with the older boys and got to hang out with the whole family for a day of amusement park amusement!
On Friday afternoon, while I was still being soaked on the Raging Rapids ride, my two aunts and my one-and-only first cousin from North Carolina were arriving at home. I got to have a late dinner with them once I got back from Hershey, and then we spent the day together on Saturday. My dad's two sisters don't get the chance very often to come up north from so far away, so with more and more great-nieces being added to the family, they figured the time had come to visit. They got to see a lot of Olivia and Sydney playing, plus they all held Ellie and took snapshot after snapshot. We walked around Annapolis during the afternoon, after lunch in a historic restaurant on Church Circle, but it was so hot/humid, it was almost unbearable. We definitely enjoyed the air conditioning once we were back home, having dinner together as a big extended family. (more pictures of that when my film gets developed)

This morning I wasn't scheduled in any church, so I got to worship with my Pasadena family, which gave me a chance to see lots of old friends. I really love when I can be in my home church, which won't be too often in the upcoming months. I really appreciate it when I can fit it in!
Ariel Rainey