The Devil Went Down to Georgia

In a few short hours, I'm flying down to Macon, GA (via Atlanta) to speak in two churches tomorrow. John and Jennifer Dougherty, great friends and colleagues from my Jerusalem days, have invited me to stay with them for a quick little visit while I speak at their church and another church not too far away.

It's been YEARS since I've seen my friends; I was trying to remember back, and I think it was 2001 when I saw them last. They've added more children to their family since then, so I'll get to meet new little Doughertys today when I arrive.

I'm very excited about this trip, both personally and professionally. This trip marks the furthest I've ever gone to preach while itinerating. I'm kind of nervous, actually, about how different the churches will be in Georgia, and me being such a Yankee in their eyes!
Ariel Rainey