Having a Peach of a Time!

So far, visiting my friends here in GA has been a ton of fun! John and Jenn have three adorable little girls: Emily, Anna, and Abigail. They have been very excited to host me in their house, and I've gotten to see all manner of stuffed animals, baby dolls, and "princess" parephenalia. Last night Emily and Anna were very pleased to ride in "my car" (the rental one) instead of with their parents on the way home from church.

The service I did yesterday morning in Perry, GA was great. The church there is only four years old and they are in a building project, so there was a lot of enthusiasm in the congregation. I enjoyed being a part of their incredible worship, and afterward they took me to a peach packing plant for lunch. That's right! There is a soup and sandwich restaurant in the plant, along with a nice gift shop with all sorts of peach stuff. Yum.

Last night I was a little nervous to speak in John and Jenn's church. I don't know why. I guess having good friends that are on staff there made me really want to wow the church. It was a little more challenging, because the people there are very familiar with the ministry in Palestine. John and Jenn have talked about it a lot; they've had other colleagues in to speak about the ministry, and some of the church members have visited the Jerusalem School before. So I wasn't sharing a lot of new information, but I gave it my own spin. It was another good service (would I say anything else on this blog? ha ha). I got a real treat afterward, too, when they took me to Olive Garden. The chicken marsala? Delicious! But the best part was doing the "remember that time . . . ." with John and Jenn. We have a lot of great memories because we all started the same year. In other words, we made a lot of dumb newbie mistakes.
Today I am hoping to see another colleague and former roommate, Gina Dunlap. She married Richard Dunlap, Jenn's brother and yet another colleague from our old ministry days. This should be interesting.
Ariel Rainey