Precious Memories

I have lived with a pack-rat for most of my life, so I try to avoid the tendency myself. However, I do tend to put away little things that are meaningful to me. As I was moving some stuff around my room today, I was ready to stack some stuff on top of an old plastic filing container. On a whim, I figured I'd better check what was inside before I blocked it off. Inside I found a treasure trove of things I had saved: sentimental greeting cards, photos from college, and some artwork from my students in Israel from 1995. I was teaching first grade that year, and I saved some of their Christmas projects, as well as their drawings of their favorite Bible stories.

They are very precious memories for me, and I take encouragement from them, as well. I hope that the Word I taught to the children then still has an effect on their hearts.
Ariel Rainey