Book Review

I just finished a great book, Did I Kiss Marriage Goodbye? In that typical fashion we all have of sharing what we liked, I would love to tell you about this book. Unfortunately, it's a subject that only interests me. I don't want to subject you to my own particular interests, like annoying people with their slide show of their Grand Canyon trip ad nauseum.

Suffice it to say that this book, written for women over 30, addresses the idea of what happens when you realize that you may never get married. While not ruling out hope that God will still answer your prayer, the book deals with many practical issues like finding a "place" in churches, investment and retirement issues, responsibilities to parents and siblings, choosing the right attitude toward God and man, and more. I thought that this book was honest and encouraging, and I was glad that I'd found it (by accident on a clearance table). I would recommend it to many of my single girlfriends. This book has found a permanent place on my shelf with a few other books on the same subject, including A Table for One and the always hilarious, Even God is Single that my friend Cindy bought me years ago.

It's not my desire to continue living single, but I can choose to make the best of it, and this book was a great encouragement.
Ariel Rainey