Can you believe we are already at the middle of July? Months ago, I made a booking with an old friend from college, Sam, who is now a pastor in southern Pennsylvania. At the time, the 13th of July seemed like it was very far away. Now all the sudden, this is the weekend to visit a friend that I haven't seen since I graduated from college.

Sam played point guard for the men's basketball team, and I kept stats for the team, so I guess over a few years of traveling to away games we got to be friends. One time, he made a half-court buzzer shot that won us a game in Lanham, MD; my family had come to the game to see me, and Dad says that every time he sees someone heave up a basketball from mid-court, he remembers Sam's miracle shot. I remember Sam for lots of things, and I have pictures of him hugging me at my college graduation. Now he has a wife, four kids, and a growing ministry east of Lancaster. I'm really looking forward to this weekend.
Ariel Rainey