House and Home

Yesterday was my thirty-mmphmpm birthday. To celebrate, I had a wonderful dinner with my family on Sunday night, where I ate my favorite steak and opened presents. I took the day off of work, and oh, yeah, I bought my first home.

Two months ago, a friend mentioned an open condo unit in her building; was I interested? I looked through it one night, and thought it wouldn't hurt to check on financing. As it turned out, I reconnected with an old family friend who sells real estate, and she helped me find financing. She also helped me find a great condo in Sun Valley, right between my parents and sister's homes in Millersville and my brother's home in Glen Burnie. At first I couldn't believe that I would actually get a loan; then I was amazed that I found a place I actually liked in my price range. Quite often I felt that God was really blessing me throughout the process, and yesterday at settlement, I was sure that He had given me more than I've ever deserved.

It's not a palace, but it's perfect for me. I'm only one person, and I've learned to be content when I've had much and when I've had little. Mom has been helping me paint, and we hope to move in on Saturday. Anyone who has some free time would be welcome to carry in some boxes!
Ariel Rainey