The Right Players

When my niece Sydney started playing soccer at age three, my family got involved in a variety of ways. We were spectators, trainers, and my brother even started coaching. For the past few weeks, he's made the rounds of the growth groups of Severn River Church, sharing a devotional thought based on his soccer coaching experiences.

One of his points was that having the right players really makes a difference. You can have a deep bench of players, but if none of them are any good, it doesn't help you win. The right players are worth pursuing because they will help you accomplish the great things you envision.

We've been applying that value to our church growth plan, but this weekend I saw it in action in my own personal life. I moved yesterday, making a few runs with a small trailer full of boxes and "small stuff." Today, the men in my family moved the "big stuff"--furniture for the living room, dining area, and bedroom. We were aided by Michael Martin, an energetic young man from my former church.

I have personally thanked those involved, but I would like to publicly say that Dad, Mom, Andy, Sarah, Ben, Corie, and Michael Martin made this whole move possible, and I couldn't be more thankful for their help. Having the right players made all the difference.
Ariel Rainey